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Raised in the gritty Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey, Meesha Mink beat the odds of being raised in a single family home. Thankfully, with a strong and resilient mother who worked hard and struggled not to raise her two children in the projects, Meesha Mink knew there was more to life than just drugs and violence. From a young age, her mother introduced her to reading and used it as a tool to teach Meesha and her brother to know more so that they wanted more.

As a child, she remembers writing her first story in the second grade. At that time horror was her genre of choice. Over the years Meesha Mink continued writing short stories and poetry. She even recalls making up stories and entertaining both her friends and strangers on the back of a New Jersey transit bus on her way to and from University High School. Even then she was a natural born storyteller.

She went on to attend Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Writing always called to her and when a college professor commented that although her essay on the Million Man March was more emotion than fact, that it was stirring, uplifting, and inspiring. He suggested a career in writing and she promised herself she would have a book in print before she reached the age of thirty.

While unsatisfied with her career after graduating college with a double major and a minor, she began writing short stories for African-American romance magazines. She soon gained the confidence to write a full-length novel–an African-American romance–which eventually led to the completion of a dream as the first book she ever finished was offered a two book deal by two publishers. She has since written more than thirty books under different names .

Interested in telling the stories of the urban environment which help shaped her into being both street savvy and educated, she felt the urban fiction genre was calling to her.

Her urban fiction debut, written with De’Nesha Diamond, led to an amazing deal with Simon & Schusters’ Touchstone line.  The duo went on to publish the three book Hoodwives series to much success and acclaim before going back to working on solo projects. Mink’s “Real Wifey’s” trilogy comprises Real Wifeys: On The Grind,  Real Wifeys: Get Money and the final book is Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard.  Currently she is working on All Hail the Queen, the follow-up to Kiss the Ring. Both books are a part of hew new “Queen” series centered around a modern day Foxy Brown.

Meesha Mink wants people to know that the stories about inner cities needs to be as diverse as the people who live in these environments. “Growing up on 16th Ave in Newark all my life, I know in a one block radius you could either have a single mother or a married couple raising their family, a dope dealers or people working forty hours a week, a homeowner or someone renting a low-income apartment. For me, urban fiction isn’t about glorifying the negatives in the ‘hood, but simply telling the real stories that do exist. As a writer and a reader I can always respect the gift of storytelling of ALL stories.”

Currently, the Newark, NJ Native lives in South Carolina. She’s busy at work on a her next work of fiction. She can be reached at meesha.mink@yahoo.com , www.MEESHAMINK.com, or via  www.twitter.com/infiniteink  and Facebook.


All women have many sides to them. We are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends to many, but we’re not quite the same person to all we meet. While this author has been blessed with many successes as a romance author, she still has many more stories to tell that don’t quite fit into the happily-ever-after box. She wanted to talk about the men and women who have trouble finding their way, either by circumstances or simply bad choices. Understanding that there is a fine line between glorifying ‘thug life’ and telling it like it is, it’s De’nesha Diamond’s hope to bring cautionary tales derived from personal experience and/or the heartbreaking stories that make our nightly news. In the end she aims to deliver hope even if sometimes there are no rides in the golden sunset.

De’nesha Diamond will make you think, laugh, cry and above all, she’ll keep it real.

For more on De’ Nesha and her future projects, please visit: www.deneshadiamond.com



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